Eagle Towers SA is a 100% black owned, BBBEE level 1, home grown and proudly South African company established in Jamestown, in the Winelands of Stellenbosch – Western Cape.

Eagle Towers SA evolved from humble beginnings and in his personal capacity of the CEO, Avril Van Der Rheede and founder of the company, established in 2015.

ETSA is an independent telecommunications infrastructure company. We build, install and operate communication towers to enable the connection between the networks and the local communities that depend on their services.


  • First responder
  • Emergency
  • Education
  • Safety and security
  • Medical assistance
  • Disaster Management

We pledge to collaborate with the MNO’s and other stakeholders of RSA to enable broadband to the townships and rural areas.

We feel that it is imperative that all should have equal opportunity to develop their future by means of education and skills. Allowing access to internet for all is a key factor.

Eagle Towers SA will provide the infrastructure component to RSA to show our heartbeat and intent to develop the economy of this country

Our main market is the Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s), the cell phone industry but with the view to accommodate all which is inclusive of; Internet Services Providers (ISP’s), SAPS, ESKOM, Municipalities, etc.

The company has grown from small to medium enterprise against all adversity of this industry and made a breakthrough.

We have recently obtained funding that put right up there with our competitors.