EPF is a principle contractor to ETSA and other clients.  EPF is responsible to plan and build sites via consultants and subcontractors and therefor provides a full turnkey solution which encapsulates obtaining permits, building sites and responsible for the maintenance thereof.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Site Planning

EPF proposes to act on behalf of the client as a coordinator for the above mention function. EPF will be responsible for coordinating all stakeholders involved with the planning and obtaining all relevant information of the particular site. This includes both “Rooftops” and “Greenfield” sites. The idea is to provide the client with a detailed package that will entitle them to submit for EIA, CAA and LA applications. The package will consist of drawings and a Scope Of Works. The advantages for the client would be:

  • Proposal drawings accurate enough to be used for Construction Drawings. This will streamline the process and save time
  • With the current experience at EPF the process will not be stopped nor hampered in any way when certain stakeholders cannot attend meetings. EPF can still to a certain extend provide the relevant information based on the experience as mentioned
  • Construction parties will not charge the client  for drawings and in turn will save on cost
  • Pre-Approval (Lease negotiations-CAA-EIA-LA)

Lease Negotiations

  • Obtaining Power of attorney, resolution and relevant mandatary documents.
  • Negotiate rental per month or annum with mandate from client
  • Obtain principle approval document to allow EIA and LA processes to commence
  • Sign lease agreement when all approvals have been obtained

While flexible enough to cater for the dynamic nature of the industry, these services are designed to drive cost, productivity and efficiency.

 AC power line Application

  • AC power line survey
  • Submit the application to Eskom or Council of the area.
  • Obtain quote from Supplier
  • Build AC Power line
  • Upgrade and maintenance of AC power lines

Access Road build and maintenance

  • Planning and designing of roads
  • Build access roads
  • Road types
  • Twee spoor strips
  • Concrete aprons with broom finish
  • Water runoffs
  • Channels
  • drains

Pre- approvals (EIA, CAA, LA)

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • EPF has the necessary resources to carry out site visits and obtain site information on behalf of clients such as Eagle Towers SA, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Open Serve, Liquid Telecoms, Eskom, Weather SA and Councils.
  • Provide mail drops, newspaper advertisement, registered letters and advertising posters
  • Prepare draft report for the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEADP) approval
  • Submit EIA to DEADP with the view to obtain a “Record of Decision” (ROD)
  • Host “Immediate and Affected Parties” (Public Participation) meetings on behalf of our clients, dealing with public questions and objection.
  • Acting on behalf of our clients dealing with the appeals from I&AP’s and client appeals to the minister of Environmental Affairs
  • Prepare Site Management Plan
  • Appoint an Environmental Site Officer to see that contractors are building with in the frame work of the Conditions set out in the ROD.
  • Supply audits on site builds
  • By providing the above Environmental services to clients, EPF can assist clients in maintaining their Environmental 14001 ISO accreditation.
  • Local Authority Approvals
  • Submit temporary departure application
  • Host I&AP meeting on behalf of clients
  • Submit Building plan applications
  • Civil Aviation Approvals
  • Submit Civil Aviation Application
  • Obtain Approval

RF Installations

  • Installation of RF antennas
  • Installation of feeder cables on mast and rooftops
  • Installation of equipment (BTS racks, Transmission cabinets, Cell extenders, micro cells, etc.)

Service: Transmission planning and implementation

  • Planning
  • Bracket design & installation with certificates
  • Dish Installations
  • Installation of TX cabinets and commissioning

Service: Site Maintenance and Civil Upgrades

  • Site maintenance
  • Road maintenance
  • Civil upgrade to host second and third sharing parties

Service: Mast Inspections, Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Conducting annual mast inspections in collaboration with RBI Tech.
  • Mast maintenance (Rust removal, Painting, etc.)
  • Welding, etc.
  • Mast replacement
  • Mast Upgrade (Bracket replacement, mast member replacement on lattice mast, etc.)

Service: Fibre Infrastructure

  • Planning
  • Approvals
  • Infrastructure
  • Blow fibre
  • Splicing
  • Commissioning